DoctorPMS has been designed by clinicians who are actively involved in patient care and simultaneously interested in research and data collection. The shortfalls of the existing systems available in the market are the fact that they are designed either for data collection for purpose of research or mainly for patient care as in the hospital IT. Clinicians need a solution that serves to improve patient care and concurrently give an easy access to information that can be used for auditing and research.


DoctorPMS, is the result of brainstorming and effort of joined expertise of IT consultants and clinicians lead by Gloria Solutions. DoctorPMS is meeting the demand of most clinicians for optimizing patient care and facilitating research. DoctorPMS encapsulates the following features:


Individuals who use DoctorPMS can easily interact and access the patient information during their visits and even review them in a quick and easy way. DoctorPMS is designed to display all information of the patient in one screen.


DoctorPMS is shipped with pre-existing master data such as medications. Users can do more customization simply by adding or updating the master data. Therefore, DoctorPMS can fit any medical field specialisation.

Easy installation

PMS can be easily installed on computers with various operating systems. It requires small free space on the hard disk. Installation process is so smooth and requires little time and effort to be completed.


DoctorPMS covers a wide variety of medical data including biochemical, clinical, radiological, and other information about the patients. There is no limit on the capacity of data storage because it is scalable and you can store as much as needed. DoctorPMS is suitable for individual practitioners for their personal usage and can even be used bas multi-center databases.

Secure and Reliable

The information that is stored in the system is very secure and password protected against unauthorized access.

And more:

• Support of multi users

• Report generation

• Medical calculators

• Graphs and charts

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